Artist-in-residence at Sound and MusicPortfolio, 2017
In partnership with the Ludi Quartet Kernow and Academy of Music and Theatre Arts (AMATA), Falmouth University.


Music Festivals
Event: Sound Thought 2016 Festival
Venue: Centre for Contemporary Arts
Glasgow, Scotland, March 2016
A/V Performance (premiere) – Four LFOs (2013).

Event: Reconceptualising Digital Creativity – DRHA 2013
Venue: University of Winchester
Winchester, England, July 2013
Performance (premiere) – Instructions for Play (2008).

Event: SOUNDING CODE – SuperCollider Symposium 2010
Venue: Ausland
Berlin, Germany, September 2010
Performance – Improvisation (Untitled, parts I – IV, 2010).

Art Venues
Event: Time Coloured Place
Venue: Oonagh Young Gallery
Dublin, Republic of Ireland, October 2011
Performance – Improvisation.

Event: Delawab
Venue: Delawab Project Space
Belfast, Northern Ireland, July 2010
Performance – Improvisation.